Role: Lead Experiential Producer - Deutsch LA

Site: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

The Netflix Family Room was created to bring the Netflix holiday campaign to life. It expanded product awareness, engaged consumers with the Netflix experience, and invited the public to embrace the idea that Netflix brings people together.

The Netflix Holiday Family Room mall activations served as a break from the frenetic nature of holiday shopping. By creating a real utility for busy shoppers, we were able to highlight the value of the Netflix product and promote the brand in a fun and relaxing way.

Our space featured a user-friendly photo op, complimentary gift wrapping, and a lively and comfortable family room that brought the Netflix viewing experience to life.

The Netflix Family Room was featured in four cities across the U.S. during the prime holiday shopping weeks of December 2-22; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.


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